Morris Brown College

Morris Brown…

On December 9, 2002 the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools rescinded the accreditation of Morris Brown College, one of our nations’ oldest historically black colleges. 

As I visited and walked around the now vacant campus, I could still feel the pulse. Though I did not have the honor of attending this great school, I remember coming years ago when they had the Greek cookout. It was absolutely amazing to experience all the happiness and pride that was in the air because they attended one of the greatest black colleges. I challenge those who attended this phenomenal school and/or walked the yard to visit your school when you can; it misses your dearly. Take time to reminisce on great times, friends, teachers etc. 

Waking and taking photos, I could just see the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity hopping with those gold boots barking, the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority in all that beautiful red and Oh yes the ladies from Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority in their pink and green. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and KAPPA ALPHA PSI Fraternity I didn’t forget about you brothers, as your colors are still represented to this day. 

It was a sad day for Morris Brown in 2002, but you can still visit; drive by the campus, help clean and upkeep your area. Just as you have life, so should Morris Brown. 

This was just a short mini project I’ve wanted to do for some time. I hope this inspire you to go out and just take a look. I know for some it may just take to you back to the good old days. I am just a photographer that wanted to share a little something with you…hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane. 

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